Introduction to Clinical Observation Training


This introductory course in Clinical Observation aims to enable you to understand what is clinical observation (vital signs) and why are they important. Among others, it will teach you how to monitor and record basic clinical observations.

Who is this course for?
This course is ideal for all healthcare practitioners or anyone interested in learning about clinical observations (sometimes referred to as “vital signs”; or just “Obs”). Clinical observations are physiological markers that help medical, nursing and other clinical staff to closely monitor patients, identify those patients that are deteriorating and escalate to senior staff so that appropriate interventions are commenced to stop the patient deteriorating further.

Course Topics:
On completion of this clinical observation online training course, learners will be able to:
• Assess vital signs
• Know how to monitor and read a person’s pulse and what to look out for,
• Know how to measure blood pressure;
• Understand methods for taking temperature; assessing respiration &
• Know how to record observations

Method of Delivery: Online

Duration: 1 Hour

Certification: TTM Healthcare / Train Healthcare  – Valid for 1 year

Assessment: Multiple Choice questionnaire

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