Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI +Refresher)


Aims: Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) is evidenced-based training designed to empower social care professionals to understand and prevent crises from arising. The course teaches constructive ways to handle stressful situations, reducing potential injury and harm along with developing a learning circle within an organisation.

Who is this course for? This course is designed for social care personnel.

Certification: This course is internationally recognised and accredited. The TCI system was developed at Cornell University, New York.

Course Topics:

  • Prevent and de-escalate potential crises/incidents of challenging behaviour.
  • Safely and therapeutically manage crisis situations.
  • Process incidents with service users to help improve their coping strategies.

Method of Delivery: Face to face delivery, the maximum class size is 12.

Duration: 4 days (Refresher – 1 day)


TCI Refresher – We also provide a one-day refresher  for those who wish to renew  their TCI qualification. In Ireland, all social care staff have to renew their TCI every 6 months.

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