Understanding and Managing Stress



Aim: This online course provides an overview of Stress Management for anyone interested to develop and implement effective strategies in the prevention and management of stress. It offers guidelines. It is not prescriptive, nor does it refer to any specific model of managing stress.  It examines the primary causes, effects and symptoms stress. Included are strategies and tools you can use personally & to teach others to manage their stress. The course also includes workplace related stress and ways to identify and manage it.

Certification: 2 year certification on successful completion of this course.

Course Topics:

Causes of Stress
Workplace Related Stress
Impact of Stress on Health and Wellbeing
Management of Stress
Stress Relieving TIPS (Self-Care)
Resources & Available Supports

Method of Delivery: Online Training

Duration: 1 hour.

Assessment: Multiple choice questionnaire.

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