Date: 23-02-22

Course: CPI Safety Intervention.

How Diane,

Hope this email finds you well. I have completed all courses and I want to thank you for all your advise and support navigating the technology side of things. Gerard delivered the CPI Training yesterday which was a highly  effective competent delivery. Exceptional Facilitator.

Kind regards

Barbara Barrett


Date: 28-10-21

Course: Understanding and Managing Stress

I have studied a module with workplace stress as a topic as part of my college degree (health and safety), I found the course I completed, understanding and managing stress to be clearer and easier to understand. It contained more or less all the information I would have learned in college in a clear and more concise way. The layout of the course was of good quality and contained all the information that felt necessary. 

Kind regards,

Claire Longe


Client: Aspire Ireland - Date: 09-08-21

Course: Understanding and Managing Stress

Overall, the content of this was great and I liked the break of some of the information with the quotes, videos were very good also surrounding burnout and anxiety. I will be adding this as mandatory training moving forward as I feel being proactive around stress management is key.

Ashling Smith-Dooley

Social Care Manager

Aspire Residential


Date: 05-08-21

Course: Report Writing

A great course well prepared, very easy to follow gives you a great understanding of integrating the information into practice. I will definitely be purchasing more online courses.
Rosemary Galligan


Date: 19-03-21

“Pete and his team are always helpful and respond promptly to any queries we might have. We have been using TTM for years now and I can highly recommend them for any training required for Social Care settings.”
Compass Child & Family Services CLG


Manual Handling Online 26-01-21

Hi Peter, dad is just done the course now he says it was very good. He said he liked the use of videos to demonstrate the lifting techniques as it gave his eyes a break from reading. He liked the way the videos included the dos and don’ts also. He says it was factual and there was no unnecessary slides included. He is delighted to have it done now so quick and conveniently. He says he will keep you in mind if he needs to ever do any further training. Thanks. Laura.

Manual Handling Online 05-01-21

My son Cillian completed the course yesterday evening, I sat in with him to assist in guiding him through the slides.
I must say the presentation was excellent, I have completed Manual Handling (classroom) over the years but this presentation and ease of following kept us interested.


Manual Handling Online 23-12-20

Very good training and prompt replies from instructor, would highly recommend


Report Writing Online 30-09-20

I have just completed the Report Writing course and overall, I found it to the point, easy to follow and relevant. I do feel that the slides that go into detail regarding legislation could be separated out more (possibly with examples of how they relate to the Healthcare Sector added to them). It did help clarify what information is required for a report and the emphasis on how to write it professionally was also very useful (i.e. Do I really need to include said information). I would perhaps consider incorporating more examples of reports for various purposes within the sector just to give it that little bit more clarification.

Kind regards



MAPA Training 31-01-19

I just want to say Ger that done the mapa training is prob the most outstanding trainer i have ever met really enjoyed it.

Danielle Reilly

CPR Training 21-12-18

What a great course! The pace was good with time to address questions and run through key points. Great to have supportive documents to take away and consolidate learning. Thank you to Pete and Nicola who were both friendly and efficient and for all their help and correspondence throughout the process.

Have a great Christmas 
Ann Tuohy

Clinical Observation 18-01-19

I really enjoyed the clinical obs training as we do need it to work in some hospital settings. Clinical obs was not part of my fetac level 5 and it’s great to have it done and certified.
And to get the practical training will be of great importance. The tutor was very nice and easy to understand which is of great importance.
Thanks again Pete
Linda Ryan

Clinical Observation 18-01-19

Hi Pete after completing this course I can now use the machine to record oxygen levels, blood pressure and take a temperature. Greg also showed us how to use the pump and stethoscope if machine was broken or if we wanted to double check. Greg also covered taking the blood sugars with us and and had a sample sheet for us of which he went through showing us how to document and record all the information. All in all everything that I needed to be shown in order to carry out obs in a hospital setting. A course well worth doing. Thanks again..Warmest regards Helen

Report Writing 23-01-19

I found the report writing training excellent. Ger was a fantastic speaker, encouraged us to engage & went through a lot of examples.

Kerie Young

MAPA 25-01-19

Very good class and very helpful instructor. His knowledge is excellent and what i have learned will certainly help. I would recommend this course for anyone working in the front line.